Fairytale Farm is divided into six main zones: Huff and Puff for adventure play; Enchanted Walk for our fairy tale sensory experience; Alfie and Friends, where you can meet our amazing animals and see our brand new duck pond; Jack’s Yard, with a range of indoor and outdoor attractions; Wilderness Walk area, where you can meander through a range of wildlife habitats and experience our mini world of seasonal senses along the way; Dino Valley, where you can meet a family of friendly dinosaurs and dig for fossils; and the magical new Fairy Dell, a themed play area where you are shrunk to the size of a fairy.

There are a whole host of new attractions at Fairytale Farm:

  • Enter the whimsical world of Fairy Dell, where you will be shrunk to the size of a fairy, with giant toadstools, raised walkways and bridges, crawl tunnel, climbing wall and slides. The most magical play area ever! Wander through our living, winding Willow Tunnel whilst meandering along Wilderness Walk.
  • Explore our new-look indoor play area, Rapunzel’s Kingdom, themed around an enchanted forest, with castles, slides and fairy houses to visit, role playing and interactive features.
  • New dinosaurs in Dino Valley.

1. Jack’s Yard

Jack’s Beanstalk
Larger than life, this beanstalk rises up to the sky. You can even milk Daisy the Cow!

Snow White Garden
Snow White’s Castle, a cottage in the trees and some colourful characters bring this fairy tale to life.

Mouse Town
See a family of mice going about their daily business in our beautifully crafted indoor model village.

Giant Rabbit Burrow
Explore this larger than life burrow and play in the rabbits’ kitchen.

Fun in the sand for the kids while the parents enjoy a coffee or an ice cream.

Wishing Well
Close your eyes and make a wish.

Mother Goose’s Garden Party
You will smile as this party comes to life.

NEW: Rapunzel’s Kingdom
Our magical new indoor play area is open!.

2. Enchanted Walk

Take a stroll along our Enchanted Walk. A sensory experience for all the family, this magical journey invites you to look, touch, smell and listen along the way. Here, you’ll find:

Fairytale Street
Take a peek into the lives of some famous fairy tale characters, including Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The Mermaid Garden
Meet our giant mermaid and her army of sea creature friends. Press a button and find out what they have to say!

Sensory Garden
A place to touch, smell and see a variety of plants and flowers. Or listen to the hypnotic trickling of the water from our golden mermaid fountain while you see if you can spot our multi-coloured fish.

The Extinct Band
Our band of crazy musicians are animals you will have never seen before! Listen to them play and join in.

The Giant’s Camera
See our larger than life camera and film. Have your picture taken by this enormous camera and send it to yourself by email.

Activity Panels
Move the rotating hour and minute dials and work out what time it is. Play our rotating ball maze and find your way to the finish.

Niagara Falls Water Play
A natural environment in which children can experiment with water. Have fun with a water wheel, dams, water channels and water trays.

Giant Party Poppers
You won’t believe the size of these party poppers. Press the button and hear them pop!

Musical Chimes
Children will love to perform on the colourful, mellow-sounding chimes.

Dancing Fountains
Press the button and watch the fountains come alive and dance to the music.

Light Fountains
Marvel as they light up to create a simulated fountain show (on illuminated evenings).

Musical House

Is this a home or a musical instrument?
Step inside and find out.

3. Fairy Dell

Fairy Dell is a brand new, completely unique themed adventure play area, where you will be reduced to the size of a fairy. Explore giant toadstools, raised walkways and bridges, crawl tunnel, climbing wall and slides. It is also wheelchair accessible and a sensory experience.

Giant Toadstool
Climb inside this toadstool mushroom and explore different levels. There’s even a doorway and windows to peer out
of at increasing heights.

Pairs Game
Turn over one tile and then try to find a matching tile. Old fashioned sensory fun for all the family and all abilities.

Embankment Slide
The fastest way to travel through Fairy Dell!

Weather Fairy
This fairy can give you an up-to-date forecast of the weather in Fairy Dell.

Harmony Bells
Our ‘blooming’ marvellous collection of Harmony Bells are inspired by nature and tuned to uplifting major and minor chords

Log Hops Trail
These stepping logs are a low level balance challenge for all.

Crawl Tunnel
This high level bridge tunnel takes you into the Giant Toadstool.

Climbing walls
Explore the second giant mushroom where there is a climbing wall up through the stem. Then find two more climbing walls in Fairy Dell.

4. Dino Valley

Our brand new dinosaur-themed area, with a collection of life-sized (but very friendly) dinosaurs.

Watch this friendly giant move towards you – but is he roaring or laughing?

Water Dinosaur
What are those bubbles in the pond? Wait to find out – but you might get wet!

Big Bird
This colouful dinosaur is a great photo opportunity. Coming soon: Hatching Baby Birds.

Dino Dig
Become a paleontologist in our dig site and learn secrets about a world long gone.

5. Huff and Puff Adventure Playground

Burn off energy and have loads of fun in our adventure playground area – where kids of all abilities can:

a rubber duck along our pump-powered wacky waterway.

our timber play structures and whoosh down our exciting slides.

on board our giant combine harvester.

our very own Storybook Castle – where fairy tales can come to life.

on the Nest Swing or on our fabulous wheelchair swing.

a ball into our giant skittles.

6. Alfie and Friends

Come and get to know all our animals (including our mascot Alfie the Alpaca) up close and personal! Our educational animal zone is packed with animals – you will be amazed how friendly they are.

Your children are certain to make a friend! Come and say ‘hi’ to:

Fairytale ponies
Our miniature Shetland ponies are perfect for little princesses.

The Two Little Pigs
Meet our two lively micro-pigs, who are keen to say hello. But mind your fingers!

The Two Big Pigs
Wilma and Betty are our two big Kune Kune pigs. They’re very gentle and super cute!

Curly coated Pigs
Are they a sheep or are they a pig? Meet our rare breed Mangalitsas.

The Five Billy Goats Gruff
They safely crossed the troll bridge and have settled in beautifully at Fairytale Farm.

The Donkeys from the Brothers Grimm
Can you make our donkeys smile?! ☺

Magical Rheas
Gorgeous South American birds, as tall as your children, that were hatched here at Fairytale Farm.

Free-range and friendly, you’ll find several breeds of chicken and often there will be chicks to see.

Turkey Lurkie and Friends
Listen to our turkeys gobbling, and watch the boys proudly showing off their colours.

Rabbit Walk
Here you will find fluffy rabbits and sociable guinea pigs, all going about their daily business.

Geese, Ducks and Swans
We don’t have a Golden Goose but we do have a friendly grey one! Find Mother Goose and her duck and swan friends next to our pond.

Guinea Fowl
Meet our gorgeous Guinea Fowl; they’re noisy and quirky – a joy to watch!

Mary’s Little Lambs
Fairytale Farm’s genuine lost lambs, now grown up and called Verity and Barbara!

Alfie and friends
Inquisitive and alert, Alfie the Alpaca and his friends love to watch the world go by here at Fairytale Farm.


Our peacocks look and sound beautiful – but wait until they display their feathers!


Watch these fascinating animals explore the tunnels and climbing equipment in and around their house.

We feature special animal handling sessions throughout the day, and there are several feeding times to watch.

Please ensure that all children and adults wash their hands when leaving Alfie and Friends. There is a wash station at the exit from the animal zone.

7. Wilderness Walk

Meander through a range of wildlife habitats and experience our mini world of seasonal senses along the way.

The Giant Vegetable Patch
Grab a spade, get digging and learn about seasonal vegtables.

Touch Box
Put your hand in each hole and guess what’s inside. Then lift the flap and find out if you were right!

Bug Hotel

Marvel at our luxurious Bug Hotel, which provides hidey-holes for creatures galore.

Willow Tunnel

Follow our winding Willow Tunnel, as an alternative way to walk through Wilderness Walk, and find a wildflower garden at the end.

Whats on

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