Finding the Site

Entrance to site

Entrance to Fairytale Farm site

A new gravel driveway

A new gravel driveway

View from South combe Farm stables

The view from the Southcombe Farm stables. All the fields in the foreground will become Fairytale Farm.

Nick and Nicola embarked on a search for a site. It needed to be in a rural location, as it would involve farm animals and general countryside activities. As the use would involve, for example, a parking area and possibly adventure play equipment for disabled children, it was felt that a rural location that was adjacent to other existing businesses and activities would be most appropriate, outside of landscape designations and where it would not be prominent on the wider landscape. It would also need good access from a good quality road, a dwelling for the family to live in and be located on a flat site.

After searching throughout 2007 and 2008, Nick and Nicola were sent the details of Southcombe Farm. This had been used as a farm shop and other businesses (including an engineering business and recording studio) for a number of years and came with a range of outbuildings, including several workshops, farm shop, stables, and a farm house, built in the 1800s.

Straight from the Alpaca's mouth

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