5. Alfie and Friends

Come and get to know all our animals (including our mascot Alfie the Alpaca) up close and personal! Our educational animal zone is packed with animals – you will be amazed how friendly they are.

Your children are certain to make a friend! Come and say ‘hi’ to:

  • Fairytale ponies:

    Our miniature Shetland ponies are perfect for little princesses.

  • The Two Little Pigs:

    Meet our two lively micro-pigs, who are keen to say hello. But mind your fingers!

  • The Two Big Pigs:

    Winston and Edgar are our two big Kune Kune pigs. They’re very gentle and super cute!

  • Curly coated Pigs:

    Are they a sheep or are they a pig? Meet our rare breed Mangalitsas.

  • The Four Billy Goats Gruff:

    They safely crossed the troll bridge and have settled in beautifully at Fairytale Farm.

  • The Donkeys from the Brothers Grimm:

    Can you make our donkeys smile?! ☺

  • Magical Rheas

    Gorgeous South American birds, as tall as your children, that were hatched here at Fairytale Farm.

  • Chicken-Licken

    Free-range and friendly, you’ll find several breeds of chicken including our fluffy Silkies.

  • Turkey Lurkie and Friends

    Listen to our turkeys gobbling, and watch the boys proudly showing off their colours.

  • Rabbit Walk

    Here you will find fluffy rabbits and sociable guinea pigs, all going about their daily business.

  • Geese and Ducks

    We don’t have a Golden Goose but we do have a friendly grey one! Find Mother Goose and her duck friends next to our pond.

  • Guinea Fowl

    Meet our gorgeous Guinea Fowl; they’re noisy and quirky – a joy to watch!

  • Mary’s Little Lambs:

    Fairytale Farm’s genuine lost lambs, now grown up and called Verity and Barbara!

  • Alfie and friends:

    Inquisitive and alert, Alfie the Alpaca and his friends love to watch the world go by here at Fairytale Farm.

We feature special animal handling sessions throughout the day, and there are several feeding times to watch.

Please ensure that all children and adults wash their hands when leaving Alfie and Friends. There is a wash station at the exit from the animal zone.

Straight from the Alpaca's mouth

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