2. Enchanted Walk

Take a stroll along our Enchanted Walk. A sensory experience for all the family, this magical journey invites you to look, touch, smell and listen along the way. Here, you’ll find:

  • Fairytale Street

    Take a peek into the lives of some famous fairytale characters, including Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

  • The Mermaid Garden

    Meet our giant mermaid and her army of sea creature friends. Press a button and find out what they have to say!

  • Sensory Garden

    A place to touch, smell and see a variety of plants and flowers. Or listen to the hypnotic trickling of the water from our golden mermaid fountain while you see if you can spot our multi-coloured fish.

  • The Extinct Band

    Our band of crazy musicians are animals you will have never seen before! Listen to them play and join in.

  • The Giant's Camera

    See our larger than life camera and film. Have your picture taken by this enormous camera – and post your photo on Facebook or send it to yourself by email.

  • Activity Panels

    Move the rotating hour and minute dials and work out what time it is. Play our rotating ball maze and find your way to the finish.

  • Niagara Falls Water Play

    A natural environment in which children can experiment with water. Have fun with a water wheel, dams, water channels and water trays.

  • Giant Party Poppers

    You won’t believe the size of these party poppers. Press the button and hear them pop!

  • Musical Chimes

    Children will love to perform on the colourful, mellow-sounding chimes.

  • Dancing Fountains

    Press the button and watch the fountains come alive and dance to the music.

  • Light Fountains

    Marvel as they light up to create a simulated fountain show (on illuminated evenings).

Straight from the Alpaca's mouth

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