Farm Zones

Fairytale Farm is divided into five main zones: Huff and Puff for adventure play; Enchanted Walk for our fairytale sensory experience; Alfie and Friends, where you can meet our amazing animals; Jack's Yard, where you can visit Mouse Town, play in our sandpit and enjoy our Café and indoor play area; and the new Fairy Dell area.

There are loads of new attractions at Fairytale Farm for 2017. Try out our brand new interactive features along the Enchanted Walk; press a button and find out what happens, and then smell the flowers in our new gardens. Have your picture taken by our Giant's Camera and post your photo on Facebook or send it to yourself by email, then marvel at our new, interactive musical dancing water fountains. We have revamped our unique Mouse Town, so experience the family of mice in a whole new light as they explore our beautifully crafted model village. See some new animals in ‘Alfie & Friends’ our animal zone. You will love our new rare breed pigs who look like sheep with their curly coats! 

Isometric map of Fairytale Farm

Straight from the Alpaca's mouth

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The farm is split into four distinct ‘zones’, each one with a particular focus.

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