Farm Zones

Fairytale Farm is divided into six main zones: Huff and Puff for adventure play; Enchanted Walk for our fairytale sensory experience; Alfie and Friends, where you can meet our amazing animals; Jack's Yard, where you can visit Mouse Town, play in our sandpit and enjoy our Café and indoor play area; our brand new Wilderness Walk area (opening Spring 2018), where you can meander through a range of wildlife habitats and experience our mini world of seasonal senses along the way; and the gradually developing Fairy Dell area, with more features being added all the time.

There are loads of new attractions at Fairytale Farm for 2018. Try out our brand new interactive dancing water fountains, which open on 10th February 2018. And visit our new Wilderness Walk area from Spring 2018, which includes a range of plants and wildlife habitats, including bird, bat and hedgehog boxes, log-piles, mini-beast hotel and worm-world, seed and nectar bar, bird feeding station and hibernation boxes. There is also a touch box and a giant vegetable patch, where you can grab a spade and get digging. You can also meet our three beautiful Shetland ponies, Hamish, Rupert and Dainty, in a new viewing area. 

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The farm is split into six distinct ‘zones’, each one with a particular focus.

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