Mouse Town arrives at Fairytale Farm

Mouse TownA brand new indoor attraction opens at Fairytale Farm on 26th July 2014: 'Mouse Town'. This beautifully crafted model village is located inside a former stable building and features a quaint English rural town, complete with shops, church, houses, village pond and jail. But what makes it different from other model villages is that it is home to a family of mice who can be seen going about their daily business.

Adults will be impressed with the attention to detail in this stunning model town, built by craftsmen. Children will love watching our family of white and grey mice scampering around, looking out of windows, shopping in the butchers and cheese shop and visiting the spooky graveyard.

Such is the incredible detail of the model town, children are challenged to spot interesting features in the Town, such as 'The Cat in the Jail', 'A Penny Farthing', 'Cheese in the Window' and a 'Hot Air Balloon'.

Mouse Town will open at 10am on Saturday 26th July, and is one of the many attractions that are free once you have entered Fairytale Farm. It will stay open every day until 2nd November.

News item added 18 July 2014

Sleeping Beauty comes to Fairytale Farm

The magical fairytale character Sleeping beauty has arrived at Fairytale Farm in a new display on our Fairytale Street. You can see her peacefully sleeping in her beautiful castle awaiting her prince. We have also opened the Hansel and Gretel scene, which pictures the moment when the witch climbs inside the oven to show Gretel how it is done.

The sets have been designed and built by theatre designer, Rhyannon Richardson, and have taken several months of design, preparation and construction. They opened for the first time on Easter Saturday and were an instant hit with our visitors.

Easter Monday is your last chance to visit the Easter Bunny in the Giant Rabbit Burrow. The Burrow is open from 10am to 4.30pm on Easter Monday (with a lunch break), so come and visit, meet the Bunny, listen to a lovely Easter story and come away with a golden egg.

News item added 20 April 2014

Now open daily with new attractions

Fairytale Farm is now open every day until 2nd November 2014.

We have lots of new things to see, including our brand new attraction: Rubber Duck Racing (pictured right). Challenge your family to a test of duck racing skill in this free new activity. Place your ducks on the starting line and race along our pump-powered wacky waterway. And play as many times as you like - it is great fun for all the family!

You can also see our three new micro-pigs and some rare and beautiful new chickens which will amaze you. Our ponies Hamish and Rupert have joined us since last year, and we have new food choices in our cafe.

Click here for our ticket prices and for more information about Fairytale Farm. We hope to see you here soon.

News item added 5 April 2014

Giant Rabbit Burrow Open!

Our Giant Rabbit Burrow is open all through the Easter Weekend, until 4.30pm on Easter Monday, so come along and meet the Easter Bunny. Visitors can explore this indoor Burrow, meet the Easter Bunny, listen to the Bunny telling an Easter story and every child will receive a full size Easter egg.

The Burrow was incredbly popular on Good Friday, but queues were never longer than 10 minutes, so come along at any time on Easter Saturday, Sunday or Monday and enjoy the fun.

There is lots more to do at Fairytale Farm this Easter, including an Easter Egg Hunt and a chance for kids to colour our Easter pictures. All the other Fairytale Farm attractions are available including our new Rubber Duck Race, which has been proving extremely popular since it opened.

We are open 10am to 5pm every day until 2nd November and we hope to see you soon!

News item added 19 April 2014

Easter fun at Fairytale Farm

Fairytale Farm opens daily again from 5 April 2014 for lots of Easter fun. All the usual attractions are open, including the Enchanted Walk with its water play area, Huff and Puff adventure playground and Alfie & Friends animal zone. We will be holding our popular 'Walking with Alpacas' events throughout the Easter holidays, except the Easter weekend itself, when we will be having a special event.

Over the Easter weekend, visitors will be able to step inside our new giant rabbit burrow and listen to our Easter bunny telling a special Easter tale, and every child will receive an Easter egg. We also have other Easter activities running over the weekend, including an Easter egg hunt.

Fairytale Farm owner Nick Laister says: "We wanted to do something different over the Easter weekend at Fairytale Farm and we think we have come up with something that younger children will love. Our visitors can enter our new rabbit burrow and meet a giant Easter rabbit. The rabbit will be telling a lovely Easter tale and giving away Easter eggs to every child that visits. There are lots of other Easter-related activities for our visitors to enjoy, including an Easter egg hunt. And everything is accessible for those with disabilities."

The Easter event runs from 18th to 21st April (Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday inclusive). Open 10am to 5pm. The rabbit burrow has an extra charge of £3 per child, which includes the burrow visit, Easter story and an Easter egg. More details below.

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