Nightmare Farm: The fairytale is over!

Fairytale Farm will be turning down the lights and switching on the scares with a special Halloween event aimed at older children and adults. The event is called Nightmare Farm and sees the fairytale come to an end when the Enchanted Walk is turned into a giant outdoor horror maze with live actors prowling around with only one thing on their mind: to terrify visitors!

Nightmare Farm at Fairytale Farm

The horror maze is based around the legend of Southcombe Abbey, which reputedly stood on the site of Fairytale Farm, but was destroyed by fire several hundred years ago. The ghosts of the lost souls still haunt the Enchanted Walk after dark, but only on 31st October and 1st/2nd November each year. A monk, who guards the site of the abbey at Halloween each year, will help take visitors to safety, but it means walking right through the middle of the most haunted part of the site!

Owner Nick Laister explains: "We held our unique Halloween event last year and the feedback was so good that we are going to do it again, but bigger and better and with more scares. Visitors will be taken on a late-night adventure as an old monk guides people through the most haunted part of the site to safety - we hope! In the horror maze they will meet a possessed flower seller, some horrible scarecrows, vampires, zombies, a not very friendly circus clown plus a gardener from the 17th Century who has an unpleasant use for his spade. Plus some surprises. We challenge people to make it from one end of the Enchanted Walk to the other without screaming. Nobody has done it yet."

The walks will be taking place approximately every 20 minutes between 6.30pm and 10pm on three evenings from 31st October to 2nd November.

Nick adds: "This event is not suitable for younger children or those who are of a sensitive disposition. The actors will not touch anybody, but will be doing their best to scare people silly. But don't worry, the little ones are catered for with our daytime event. We will be offering child-friendly Halloween fun from 10am to 5pm with free games and activities for younger children. We also have face-painting and pumpkin carving and if visitors come dressed up for the occasion they will receive a free treat. And just before we close at 5pm ready for the evening maze, we will switch on our fantastic illuminations and light up the Enchanted Walk in a blaze of colour. Our Halloween events - day and night - will be memorable."

Click here for more information. Thanks to Wacky Wardrobe for their support with our Halloween events.

Please note that the playground and animal areas will not be open in the evenings, but our cafe and shop will remain open throughout the evening Halloween event.

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