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photo of family in Banbury GuardianMuch work has been done at Fairytale Farm over the summer.

The sensory trail path has been fully laid out and various activity panels have been installed. These include water play, interactive weather panels and giant musical instruments. Work has started on the sensory garden section, which will include raised planters and an arbour. This was made possible partly because of our donation from the Cotswold Conservation Board (see ealier news item).

Elsewhere, we have now laid the path through the main play area and concrete bases for the play equipment have been laid ready for installation over the winter. Several small animal field shelters have been installed in the animal zone and fencing has started to go up. More fencing will be erected over the next few months ready for opening at Easter 2013.

You can view a photo of the newly laid out sensory trail here (many features still to be added!) and the path through the play area here. One of our new animal shelters can be seen here. There are many more photos of daily progress at our Facebook page:

The Banbury Guardian ran a nice little article about our project in August. You can download a scan of this from here.

Finally, we are desparate for donations, volunteers and sponsorship. If you can donate anything to us - however small - it will be very gratefully received. This can be items such as building materials, benches, etc, or money. If you wish to send money, please send via PayPal to If you would like to be thanked for your donation  on our website and/or at Fairytale Farm itself, please let us know.

Thank you to everybody who has helped us so far. We are excited that our goal of opening in 2013 now seems to be achievable.

News item added: 1 October 2012

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