Good news about our sensory trail

Layout planFairytale Farm has received two items of good news this Christmas. No sooner had we heard that West Oxfordshire District Council had granted planning permission for the trail, we were then contacted by the Cotswolds Conservation Board who told us that we had been successful in our application for a Sustainable Development Fund Grant of £5,500 towards its construction.

Designed to inspire and educate children with disabilities and their brothers and sisters, the sensory trail (part of which is pictured right) will be on an area of land of around half an acre and will include features designed to encourage children to think about the environment around them, particularly those with sensory, learning and physical disabilities. The trail will feature sensory totems, sensory garden, water play area (where children can pump water and watch it move to different levels), sand play area, 'dino dig', sensory path (with various tactile surfaces), rain wheel, mirror, arbour, willow tunnel , xylophone and 'enchanted forest' with tactile drums.

Fairytale Farm owner Nick Laister said: "We are delighted to have received planning permission from West Oxfordshire District Council and we are very grateful to the Cotswolds AONB Board for giving us this grant, without which we could not have begun work on this facility. In our view, this is the single most important part of the project in terms of creating a distinctive facility that will be of help to residents and visitors of the area with particular needs, and will be the most educational part of the Fairytale Farm project."

Work is expected to start in January 2012, with the trail being completed by the end of March. If anybody can help us build the trail, particularly those with knowledge of creating pathways and landscaping, please contact

News item added: 24 December 2011

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