Injured witch found at Fairytale Farm

The owners of Fairytale Farm made an unexpected and somewhat spooky discovery this morning: a crashed witch.

Witch crashing into a tree

Owner Nick Laister says: "I was up early this morning getting the Farm ready for our Halloween event, which opens today. I was walking past our wishing well carrying some pumpkins to our pumpkin carving stable when I noticed something in the trees. It looked like a hat and broom tangled in the branches. However, on closer inspection I was shocked to find that it was actually a witch, who had obviously accidentally crashed into the tree. You can see her hat, her hair, her body and her legs, as well as her broomstick.  It appears that she might not have been looking where she was going. I think she might have been texting whilst flying, which is a very silly thing to do. I have taken a photograph of her and it appears that she is real."

The witch has remained tangled in the tree, as Nick explains: "We are all too scared to move her as we don't know whether she might cast a spell on us. So we have left her there for all to see, and we have erected a warning sign for other witches. We are going to leave her in the tree until our Halloween event finishes on 30th October, after which we are going to climb up the tree and try to remove her."

Nick adds: "We are advising all of our visitors to stay well clear of the witch until Halloween has finished as we don't know what wicked ideas she might have. So please look but don't touch. And if anybody spots her waking up, please tell a member of staff."

The family-friendly Halloween event runs from 22nd to 30th October 2016. Farm Manager, Edwina Fawcett, says: "We have lots of Halloween activities going on all week. Carve your own pumpkin lantern, get your face painted into a spooky Halloween character, decorate a bat biscuit or a pumpkin-shaped cookie and get creative in our colouring corner and enter the on-site competition."

Edwina adds: "If you come dressed up in a Halloween costume, you can win a free family annual pass in our Post-a-Scary-Selfie competition. And as a bonus, everybody who enters into the 'spirit' of Halloween by coming dressed up will get a special chocolate treat."

Fairytale Farm's spectacular illuminations will be switched on every Saturday and Sunday evening as darkness falls for a 'spookylluminated' end to the day!

News item added 22 October 2016

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